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£49.00 - £65.99

AGA Carving Board

This stylish carving board from AGA features the shape and handle of the traditional AGA insulating lid.Made from beech wood with chrome effect handle and spikeOne side has a spiked ring, juice groove for carving meat and the other side is flat for chopping and cutting. Size: 36.5 x 43.5cm Mate...

Caframo Ecofan Original 800 Stove Top Fan

Caframo have bought the Original Ecofan back at a very affordable price! Ecofan are the worlds number one brand of stove top fan. These heat powered fans will increase you stove heat distribution and save your stove fuel. Increased Efficiency - Warm air is pushed out into the living area ra...

Calfire Sling Log Carrier

Move your logs with ease using the Calfire Log Sling Carrier. It's size is perfect for ensuring that logs will not slip out when being transported. Unlike many other sling carriers, the Calfire Sling Log Carrier has high ends to stop logs falling out and an easy to grip handle to ensure safety a...
£556.80 - £696.00

Charnwood Country 4 Wood or Multifuel Option

A NEW CHARNWOOD COUNTRY 4 AT SPECIAL OFFER PRICE The Country 4 is the smallest model in the wood and multi-fuel room heating collection, yet still incorporates the ingenious features of the larger stoves. It is a neat, sturdy, yet graceful little fire and with an output of around 4kW, still exud...
£739.20 - £924.00

Charnwood Country 6 Woodburner

A NEW CHARNWOOD COUNTRY 6 AT SPECIAL OFFER PRICEThe Country 6 produces a stunning 6kW of heat. Being the next step up within the Country collection it features large, twin angled doors to optimise the view of the fire which, when desired, can be folded back against the stove so as to enjoy an ope...

Cuisipro 2 Drum Rotary Grater Set

The Surface Glide Technology™ of the Cuisipro Rotary grater takes the etched blade a step further and makes the graters sharp and more productive --- grating more with less effort. Cuisipro Rotary Grater Details: Surface Glide Technology™ grates more with less effort. Set includes two intercha...

Enamelled Steel Mussel Pot

This brilliant Moules Pot from Victor International Cookware Designs is perfect for preparing and serving Mussels at the table or cooking on the hob. A high quality, modern and stylish design with a shiny exterior. Why not use the ingenious lid for the empty mussel shells too. Moules Pot ...
£34.99 - £42.99

FiAir Electronic Bellows

If you want your fires to grow big and strong, you have to feed them right. FIAIR is a great little device to fan the flames of your fire. It is a battery (3 AAA) operated air blower designed to speed up the process of making a fire. Just get the fire started and bring the FIAIR to bear. Press th...

FireAngel 10 Year Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Used by 98% of UK Fire Brigades, home safety products specialist, Sprue Safety Products has launched a new 10-year carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that offers a cost-effective solution for installers, landlords and housing providers looking to provide better protection against carbon monoxide for home...

Gnali & Zani Coffee Maker

This red aluminium coffee maker, used in Italian households for more than 100 years, does not only offer the charms of stylish design. It also conjures up a perfect result, enjoyed by coffee and espresso lovers the world over. It is easy to use: simply fill the bottom section with water, fill the...
£11.99 - £13.99

Kindlecone Aurora Colour Changing Fire Cones

Flame colour changing pine cones! Create nature’s natural fireworks of the aurora borealis in your own living room! These cones will add colours for in excess of 45 minutes and when the flames die down, just riddle your grate and the coloured flames will magic back into life. Dazzle your friends ...

Kuhn Rikon Potato Ricer

Top chefs agree that only a ricer can produce the perfect texture for mashed potatoes and other root vegetables. In a single stroke, the Kuhn Rikon swiss-designed potato ricer gently extrudes long, light strands through either of two stainless steel disks. Use the disk with larger holes for a mas...

Kuhn Rikon Professional Noir knife Collection

The Noir Knife series made from fully forged German stainless steel is a brilliant choice for both professional and household chefs. The black non-stick coating not only makes for a classy look but allows the blade to cut through food without sticking to it.The knife's full tang construction and ...
£895.00 - £1,429.00

Stovax Huntingdon 30 Multifuel

A Brand New Stovax Huntingdon 30 at SPECIAL OFFER PRICE The Huntingdon 30 combines refined styling with significant heating capacity, making it the ideal choice for many homes. Dual air levers, allowing you to select the amount of flame/glow and heat output to suit your needs, provide exacting c...
£450.00 - £1,089.00

Stovax Stockton 8 Multifuel 2 Door Refurbished

Stovax Stockton 8 2 Door refurbished, Great condition. Stove Only. Little wonder the Stockton 8 is on of Stovax's best selling stoves, it offers you more choices and options than any other model. The two door model is opened and closed with a handy cast iron too (not shown) which locates over th...
£999.00 - £1,500.00

Woodwarm Fireview 12kw Multifuel

A Woodwarm 12kw Multifuel Non-Boiler Stove with flat top in excellent condition at special offer price. Stove only. The elegantly proportioned Fireview 12kw has a larger firebox still, capable of taking a 19" log. Specifications: Rated output: 12kwMaximum Log Length: 483mmFlue Outlet: 152mm To...

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Aga Airer and Stacker Drying Racks

These Aga drying racks are a superb way to make the most of the heat provided by your Aga. Dry your washing or tea towels using the warmth of your Aga Range Cooker couldn't be easier and the racks fold neatly for easy storage.Both the airer and stacker have folding legs for easy storage and small...
£42.74 - £58.00

Aga Cast Iron Chef's Dish Various Colours

This collection of solid cast iron cookware features a beautiful enamelled finish both inside and out. The cast iron baking dish is perfect for oven to table service. The Aga branded handles make it easier for gripping and lifting in and out of the oven. A very high quality collection of baking d...

Aga Enamel Cleaner

Aga range cooker enamel cleaner is acid free and environmentally friendly. It's Unique formula has been specially developed to clean an Aga, Rayburn or any range cooker's enamel surface whilst hot. Ideal for daily use, a combination of detergent and polishing compound removes discolouration and t...

Aga Stainless Steel 3 Saucepan Set

The clean lines of the stainless steel Aga saucepans looks great in the kitchen along with the Aga branded stainless steel lid handles which are recessed flush within the distinctive flat lids that allows for stacking the saucepans optimising the use of all the space in the ovens. Pans can b...
£59.50 - £71.50

Aga Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle Various Colours

The Aga Whistling Kettles are the most popular of the kettles that AGA produce, this is largely due to the fact of the high quality finish and the colours will suit traditional and modern style kitchen. Aga Stainless Steel Whistling Kettles are suitable for all hob types too. the wide kettle base...

Aga Toaster

No Aga owner can do without an Aga toaster. This is the only way to make really excellent toast. The toast is made so quickly that it is crisp on the outside and still soft in the middle and you can make up to 4 slices at once. Nothing could be more delicious than toast made in this way. Simple b...

Artificial Ceramic Gas Fire Pebbles Various Colours

We supply very realistic and high quality long lasting ceramic pebbles for use with flame effect gas fires. Universal gas pebbles suitable for most living flame gas fires, LPG and natural gas.Use in conjunction with Logs, Branches or Fire Cones etc to achieve a picturesque look. Simply remove the...

Caframo Ecofan Airmax (Large) Stove Top Fan

Caframo genuine ECOFAN AIRMAX stove top fan. NOW WITH 2 YEAR WARRANTY Scroll through the images to see just how much better the EcoFan is than other copies!   How it works   Increased Efficiency: Warm air is pushed out into the living area rather tha...

Calfire High Temperature Stove Paint Various Colours

Due to recent changes in the 'prohibited items' list at the Royal Mail we can no longer send aerosols through standard post. They will now have to be sent via our 24 hour courier service at a cost of £7.99 per order. Items prices have been adjusted to accomodate the extra cost.   Calfire st...

Clearview Stoves Rope Kit with Adhesive Various Models

Clearview Stoves genuine door cord kit and adhesive. This top quality Clearview rope is the same rope the stove would come with as when the stove was new. Top quality genuine Clearview product complete kit including a sealant and enough rope to re-do the doors on your Clearview stove. Please sele...

Manor Magnetic Stove Thermometer

The Manor Magnetic Stove thermometer is intended for use as an appropriate visual guide to assist in the efficient operation of our stove. The thermometer acts to indicate that your stove is operating within an efficient temperature band and not A) Burning too cool and hence causing incomplete co...

Medium Ceramic Replacement Gas Coals Various Quantities

We supply very realistic and high quality long lasting ceramic gas coals for use with flame effect gas fires. Universal gas coals suitable for most living flame gas fires, LPG and natural gas.Use in conjunction with Logs, Branches or Fire Cones etc to achieve a picturesque look. Simply remove the...

Stovax Protector Flue And Chimney Cleaner Tub

Reduce the risk of chimney fires with the Stovax chimney Protector which reduces the build up of creosote in chimneys caused by burning wet or unseasoned wood. Stovax Protector dries out the wet and sticky tar, so that it will loosen and fall down to the bottom of the flue pipe, it can then be ea...

Stovax Spray on Glass Cleaner

Stovax glass cleaner is probably the strongest and one of the best glass cleaners on the market today. So long as it is used according to the manufacturers instructions it is amazingly efficient at cleaning enamel surfaces such as Agas and Rayburns and other cast iron range cookers.Spray on, wipe...

The Chimney Cleaning Log

The Chimney Cleaning log is one of our biggest selling chimney cleaning products. How it Works: Creosote (tar) is a flammable material which can ignite causing a fire in your chimney. The Chimney Cleaning Log contains a mixture of special additives that are dispersed during the process of bu...

Victor Cast Iron Mini Flower Trivet Various Colours

These pretty cast iron trivets from Victor International Cookware Designs come in a variety of colours and measure 17cm x 12cm. They have protective feet, perfect accessory for your kitchen, and buy to match the colour of your room! Do not place this item directly on the stove as it may melt the ...


A little bit about us ...January 28, 2015

We are a well-established, HETAS registered company with over 40 years' experience in the trade, selling and installing a wide range of stoves, range cookers, chimney linings, stove and cooker spares and maintenance products as well as selling a large range of the best quality cookware.

We sell and install only genuine, leading brands of woodburning stoves and multifuel stoves including Aga, Esse, Clearview, Charnwood, Morso, Euroheat, Woodwarm, Stovax, Jotul, Yeoman, Franco Belge and many more.

You can view, in detail, most makes and models of stoves and range cookers we currently sell from our showroom based in Heathfield, East Sussex or by selecting the 'stoves' tab on our website.

Browse through our online shop where you will find spares, everything you need to maintain your stove or cooker and a huge variety of top quality cookware including brands such as Aga, Rayburn and Kuhn Rikon.

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