Range Cookers

Rayburn 300W

Just like the recently launched 345W Heatranger model, the 300W Cookmaster has been designed specifically to burn wood only and offers a larger, cooker-only option.

The 300W has been specifically designed to optimise the efficient burning of wood. Wood burns best on a flatter surface, taking its air from above the grate – which is why the 300W features additional flat grate baffle plates that increase the area of the grate suited specifically for burning wood. Designing the grate specifically to burn wood means the energy potential of the wood is maximised during combustion.


Function: Cooking only Fuel: Wood Controls: Manual Initial Flue pipe: 127mm Lower oven: Warming oven Weight: 370kg

Colour Options:

Cream, Claret, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Black, Pewter and Sable



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