Range Cookers

Rayburn 440 K-KB/460K-KB/480KB/499K-KB

There is an integral programmer fitted to the 440K, 460K, 480K and the 499K oil models – having the option of an external programmer. All models incorporate two cast iron ovens, a large Main Oven and a spacious lower Cooking Oven that operates at half the temperature of the main oven.

The beauty of the Heatranger 400 series is its ability to offer cooking, hot water along with central heating, all in a standard “slot in” format.


Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating Fuel: Commercial Kerosene to BS2869, Class C2 Controls: Thermostatic / Integral Programmer Initial Flue pipe: 127mm (A balanced flue option is available for each model) Water output: Depending on model. Up to 40,000/60,000/80,000 and 100,000 BTUs. (Up to 20 radiators)

Hot Water System:

Fully pumped open and sealed systems Lower oven: Cast Iron Cooking Oven Weight: 395kg

Colour Options:

Cream, Claret, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Black, Pewter and Sable



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