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Rayburn 480 CD Gas

Reliability and efficiency have always been at the heart of the Rayburn concept. But now, with the advent of the new 480 CD, these benefits are even more pronounced

The 480 CD has a balanced flue, which means that there is no need for a chimney and it can be conveniently situated against any suitable outside wall.


Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating Fuel: Natural Gas Controls: Thermostatic / Integral programmer for cooking Flue system: Balanced flue Water output: Up to 80,000 BTU, 24kw (16 radiators) Hot Water System: Fully pumped open and sealed systems Lower oven: Cast Iron Cooking Oven Weight: 350kg

Colour Options:

Cream, Claret, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Black, Pewter and Sable



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