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Rayburn 600 Heatranger

“Newly available! Rayburn 600 Cooking only and condensing boiler models!” Please call for details.

Why waste valuable space by having a seperate, often unsightly boiler and cooker when you can have both in a stunning package with the Rayburn?

It’s beautiful to look at, is highly efficient and fits perfectly between standard kitchen units. The Rayburn 600 has large ovens and an enourmous hotplate, so is brilliant when you’re cooking for a crowd. And, what’s more, its versatile and efficient boiler is large enough to heat up to 20 radiators.

The cooker is manufactured to the very highest standards, just as you’d expect from Rayburn. Rayburn Heatranger Warm to a range of options

The Rayburn Heatranger provides peerless cooking performance with the added convenience of domestic hot water and/or central heating. There’s a model for every home – from the largest to the most compact – and a range of fuel options to deliver the ultimate in flexibility. Choose from solid fuel and wood, gas or oil – it’s up to you.


Function: Cooking, Hot water and Central heating Fuel: Commercial Kerosene to BS2869, Class 2 Controls: Thermostatic, integral programmer (cooker), optional external programmer Initial Flue pipe: Conventional 125mm No. of radiators: Up to 20 radiators Hot water storage: Suitable for most sizes Lower oven: Cast Iron Cooking Oven Weight: 383kg

Colour Options:

Cream, Claret, Dark Blue, British Racing Green, Black and Pewter



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