Range Cookers

Rayburn 880K / 8120K / 8150K

The Rayburn 800 Series cookers take just 30 minutes to heat up from cold, have self-cleaning ovens and – because they use indirect heat – are kinder to food.

With six attractive colours and the solid reliability that sets Rayburn apart as a kitchen icon, the 800 Series cookers offer everything one would expect from a Rayburn, only on a larger scale.


Function: Cooking / Domestic Hot Water and Central Heating Fuel: Commercial Kerosene to BS2869, Class C2 Controls: Thermostatic Remote Programmer Water Output: Up to 80,000/120,000 and 150,000 BTUs. Up to 43.8KW. Initial Flue pipe: 127mm Lower oven: Cast Iron Cooking Oven Weight: 498kg

Colour Options:

Black, Cream, British Racing Green, Pewter, Claret and Dark Blue.



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