Range Cookers

Rayburn XT

The Rayburn XT is an ultra-modern, stylish, functional cooker and a gorgeous addition to any kitchen

It has contemporary, sleek lines and beautiful styling. Its heavy chrome door handles and seductively curved towel rail make it set to lead the way in 21st-century range cooking.

The Rayburn XT suits all cooking styles from the wildly adventurous to the oh-so tame. In fact, there isn’t a dish that the cooker doesn’t cope with perfectly.


Function: Cooking Only Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Commercial Kerosene to BS2869, Class C2 Controls: Thermostatic / Integral Oven Timer Initial Flue pipe: Power Flue nominal 54mm Lower oven: Cast Iron Cooking Oven Weight: 350kg

Colour Options:

Black only



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