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ESSE have been making traditional range cookers since 1854, longer than any other manufacturer. ESSE cookers are handmade in Barnoldswick which is also the home of their unique woodfired cooker.

Here you will find Esse’s complete range of cookers available in four fuel types, carbon neutral wood fired, electric, gas either flue less or conventionally flued and oil either pressure jet or pot burner. ESSE range cookers can power your central heating system and provide domestic hot water thanks to optional boiler models. All models cook food beautifully and ESSE is the cooker of choice at the famous River Cottage who’s head Chef Gill Meller contributes regularly to their online recipe section.

" Built with pride in Britain, and supported by a heritage that goes more than a century and a half. ESSE is the UK's longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its innovative cast iron range cookers, energy-efficient wood-burning stoves and stylish gas stoves. " - Esse cookers



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