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Esse 990 Series Log Burning Cooker

The 990WN is the new log burning range cooker for the larger kitchen. It has all the benefits of the WN but at 990mm wide it is more imposing but still 600mm deep and 900mm high so as to look magnificent in either a fitted kitchen or as a standalone appliance. 990 draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930’s brought up to date with practical and pleasing touches such as stainless steel towel rail brackets and easy shut door handles. In addition 990 features a secondary glass firebox door which allws the fire to be admired and allows extra room heat.

You can even use the firebox to barbeque or grill directly over hot embers while the cooking smells disappear up the flue. A larger dogbone hotplate accommodates over six pans and an additional oven gives the 990 an extra 40% or 32 litres oven cooking capacity above the classic ESSE three door range.

990WD is the domestic hot water boilet model offering 1.9kw.h to water. As with all ESSE cookers, the 990 will quickly heat up from cold.

Models available:

Wood 990WN cooker only Wood 990WD boiler model Solid Fuel 990SF cooker only Solid fuel 990SFD boiler model


Top oven capacity – 48ltr Bottom ovens capacity – 2 x 32ltr Hotplate - Over–6 pans Flue pipe diameter – 6” Overnight burning – Yes Average burner output – 6670btu/h (990WD model only) Radiant output to room - 3-5 kw/h Max efficiency 74.8% / 77% Additional room vent required – 1.75” dia (990WD only)

Solid fuel (optional)

The 990 can be specified as a solid fuel cooker (or solid fuel cooker with domestic hot water boiler) or easily converted from wood to solid fuel and vice versa



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