Range Cookers

Esse Flueless Gas - CAT

The CAT Enabled flueless range cooker gives you the cooking performance of a range cooker with added efficiency as no heat is lost up a flue. The CAT cleans the gases burnt by the cookers single atmospheric burner removing the need for a flue to vent them outside.

As no flue is required you have lower installation and servicing costs and more freedom to position your cooker where you like. The CAT can be programmed to come on and off three times a day via its seven day timer or used continuously and controlled manually. Manual control allows the cooker to be used in the event of a power cut.


- No flue needed - 100% efficient - Increased heat to your kitchen - Easy and cost effective to install - Summer Operation – 1.3kw/h output - Winter Operation – 2.7kw/h output

All Esse gas cookers are available in natural gas and propane.



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