Range Cookers

Esse GN and GD Flued Gas Cookers

The Esse gas range cooker has a single atmospheric burner and requires a 4” flue.

The domestic hot water boiler model is capable of 8,000Btu/h or 2.4kw/h to water.

Both Flued gas models can be programmed to come on and off three times a day on a seven day timer or used continuously and controlled manually. Manual control allows the cooker to be used in the event of a power cut.

The Esse “dog bone” hotplate – offers a large cooking area and unrivalled temperature gradient from boil to simmer.


Cooker options Esse GN – Cooking only Esse GD – Cooking and hot water Heat output to water (minimum) Esse GN – N/A Esse GD – 2,000Btu/h – 0.6kw Heat output to water (maximum): Esse GN – N/A Esse GD – 8,000Btu/h – 2.4kw Hotplate Esse GN – Cast iron Esse GD – Cast iron Flue pipe diameter Esse GN – 102mm Esse GD – 102mm Preferred vertical rise Esse GN – 500mm Esse GD – 500mm



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