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Esse Oil Cookers

Pressure jet cookers offer outstanding level of control. Thermostatically controlled ovens can be turned off completely (in summer) and will reheat from cold to 200C in just 40 minutes. In normal use they will heat up much faster from a low setting.

Esse Pressure Jet models can be programmed to come on and off three times a day via a seven day timer or controlled manually. On boiler models, boilers can be programmed independently.

Pressure jet cookers had a reputation for being noisy ten years ago. While the Esse can be heard, the modern Esse pressure jet is extremely quiet compared to older models.


Cooker options Esse Oil-60 – Cooking, heating and hot water Esse Oil-80 - Cooking, heating and hot water Esse Oil-106 - Cooking, heating and hot water Esse OC – Cooking only Esse ON – Cooking only Esse OD – Cooking and hot water Heat output to water (maximum): Esse Oil-60 – 60,000Btu/h – 17.6kw Esse Oil-80 - 80,000Btu/h – 23.4kw Esse Oil-106 - 106,000Btu/h – 31.1kw Esse OC – N/A Esse ON – N/A Esse OD - 9,000Btu/h – 2.6kw Flue pipe diameter: 126mm Hotplate Cast Iron Preferred vertical rise: 500mm



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