Range Cookers

Esse WN / WD and W35 Wood Burning Cookers

A log burning range cooker is an environmentally friendly idea but for a wood fired cooker to integrate into any modern home, it must be clean and easy to live with.

At the heart of the cooker is the extraordinary fire box with its capacity to swallow 45cm logs to chopping wood is kept to a minimum and refuelling is simple. Once burning and fully loaded, a single fuel load lasts over 12 hours (WN cooker only model). The Esses Wood-fired range cooker is incredibly efficient, so much so that the heat is kept within the unit and it can be placed close to furniture within a fitted kitchen or used as a free standing appliance. The Esse Wood-fired cooker requires a 6” flue.


Flue Outlet: Top Flue pipe diameter: 6” Overnight burning (suitable for continuous burning): Yes Average boiler output including DHW: Esse WN - N/A Esse WD - 7000Btu/h Esse W35 - 33,000Btu/h 9.7kw Average boiler output including DHW – Summer setting: Esse WN - N/A Esse WD – N/A Esse W35 - 12,000Btu/h 3.7kw Radiant output to room (operating range): Esse WN – 3-5kw Esse WD – 3-5kw Esse W35 – 3-5kw Radiant output to room (Summer setting): Esse WN - N/A Esse WD – N/A Esse W35 – 2-4kw Maximum efficiency % (wood): Esse WN – 74.5% Esse WD – 78% Esse W35 – 75.9%



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