Range Cookers

ESSE Colour List

This is the complete list of ESSE Colours. Unfortunately the colours shown here don't do the actual colours any justice but it gives you an idea of the vast scale of which colours you can get. 

With a choice of 20 enamel colours, you're sure to find the one that's perfect for you and your home. Since the early 1900's ESSE cookers have been finished in there factory with a lustrous, glass enamel. The three-stage coating of coloured glass is applied to the cast iron surface at temperatures between 760C and 840C following a thorough preparation process that takes several days.


There are only a handful of facilities left in the whole country with the necessary skills, experience and the equipment to enamel cast iron. Vitreous enamel is extremely hard wearing and will not fade or lose its deep gloss over decades of service.  




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