Clearview Stoves

Clearview Stoves have taken a fresh look at fire from another viewpoint with different goals, Clearview stoves are now the largest manufacturer dedicated to building clean burning wood and coal multi-fuel stoves in the world.

Clearview Stoves have gained a reputation for producing the very best stoves with reliability and after sales service second to none.

" A passion for woodburning stoves and firewood is at our very heart and our obsession wth quality and performance is unequalled. We design, develop, test, refine and reassess. We use the finest materials, set the highest standards and emand the utmost skills to produce perfect woodburners. Stoves that will bring you joy, stoves you will love as much as we do. Wood is the most natural fuel in the world. We plant trees, we nurture them to maturity, we process them into fuel, then burn it and test it, identifying how to ensure our stoves maximise its benefits. " - Clearview stoves



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