Charnwood Country 6

The Country 6 produces a stunning 6kW of heat. Being the next step up within the Country collection it features large, twin angled doors to optimise the view of the fire which, when desired, can be folded back against the stove so as to enjoy an open fire. The Country 6 has a robust construction featuring a brick lined fire box with the ability to burn 15” (380mm) logs.

The detachable tool handle that operates the doors ensures maximum safety. Once again it has the option of a reciprocating grate and a small back-boiler to provide domestic hot water or to heat around two radiators.


Nominal Heat Output: 1 ½ hour reloading 6kW to room (20,500 BTU/hr) Optional boiler: 2.9kW (10,000 BTU/hr) Net Efficiency: 80% Flue Outlet: Top or rear 6” (150mm) diameter Maximum log length: 15” (380mm) Weight: 90kg


Optional canopy available.

Height: 749mm Width: 552mm Depth: 486mm (left)



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