Charnwood Country 8

The Country 8 has always been a very popular choice of stove, delivering up to 8kW of heat to the room. Once again it has large twin doors that fold back against the stove and comes complete with a fixed front shelf. All the standard features apply: air wash, clean burn technology and brick firebox lining, as well as an optional canopy to transform its looks, riddling grate, back-boiler and choice of colours. This is an exceptional stove and, as many existing customers will tell you, an excellent investment to the home. Come back to embracing warmth.


Nominal Heat Output: 1 ½ hour reloading 8kW to room (27,300 BTU/hr) Optional boiler: 2.9kW (10,000 BTU/hr) Net Efficiency: 79% Flue Outlet: Top or rear 6” (150mm) diameter Maximum log length: 15” (380mm) Weight: 105kg


Optional canopy available. Height: 749mm Width: 552mm Depth: 486mm (left)



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