Charnwood Cove 3

The Charnwood Cove 3 is the largest stove in the Cove range. With a nominal output of 12kW and a maximum of 16kW it is ideally suited to a larger room, hall or open plan area. The Cove 3 is able to take a log length of up to half a metre and with its tall curved door offers a spectacular view of the fire. Once again it comes with a versatile choice of three base options and eight colour ways to suit different situations.


Nominal Heat Output: 1 ½ hour reloading 12kW to room (40,900 BTU/hr) Net Efficiency: 78.4% Flue Outlet: Top or rear 7” (178mm) diameter Maximum log length: 20” (500mm)


Store stand: 171kg Centre stand: 187kg Low stand: 159kg



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