Woodwarm Fireview 16kw

The Fireview 16kw with its larger castings is a grand stove enabling you to burn logs up to 23" long. It is available as either a flat top or low curved canopy.


Rated output: 16kw
Maximum Log Length: 558mm
Flue Outlet: 178mm Top or Rear
Flat top or canopied

Boiler options:

(BTU's to water and Room output in KW):
- 8,000 slab boiler - 13.5kw
- 20,000 slab boiler - 11.5kw
- 27,000 slab boiler - 8.5kw
- 42,000 split saddle boiler - 6.8kw

Roof boilers designed to be used in conjunction with relevant split saddle boilers. (BTU's to water and Room output in KW):
- 12-18,000 roof boiler total: 54,000 to water - 3.3kw

Other options:

50mm legs
100mm legs
200mm plinth
200mm pedestal



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