Stovax Stockton 8 and 11 Double Sided

  • Enjoy twice the warmth and twice the view of your fire with a Stockton double sided stove. Using on central chimney, the doors to both the back and the front of the stove are designed to open into adjacent rooms. So, compared to individual stoves in each room, you have less work refuelling and even more of a focal point to your home.

    There are two sizes of stove from which to choose - Stockton 8 Double and Stockton 11 Double. Although this double sided configuration does not allow the incorporation of full cleanburn technology both stoves still include an airwash system to keep the glass clean. The smaller Stockton 8 will provide you with a significant heat output, up to 9Kw, whilst the 11 Double produces an even more powerful 11Kw. Otherwise, the two models have exactly the same specifications as their single sided equivalents.


    Maximum heat output: 8 Double - 9kw 11 Double - 11kw
    Maximum Log Length: 8 Double - 400mm
    11 Double - 500mm
    Flue outlet: 6" Top

    Finish Options:

    Matt Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Brown, Metallic Green.



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