Hwam Monet

  • A slightly circular, appealing design, whose extremely curved front displays the flames in the optimum way. Quite simply a beautiful sculpture and highly functional stove combined.

    The curved panoramic glass front and the spacious countersunk, combustion chamber are placed at a convenient height, making the stove easy to operate and light up. The stove is designed with a practical ashpan, HWAM’s window rinsing system which prevents the glass from sooting up and very simple operation.


    Nominal Heat Output: 6kw
    Flue Outlet: 150mm (Top or rear)
    Efficiency: 74%
    Weight: 150kg (With drawer)

    Other Options:

    Top/Rear flue outlet, Drawer, Wood section, Fresh air system, Soapstone cover, Rotating plinth.

    Black or Grey



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