Aga Essentials

Get the most out of your AGA with our range of AGA Essentials. Our roasting tins and baking trays are ideal for roasting meat, vegetables and for tray bakes and are designed to fit directly onto the AGA oven runners. There's also the classic toaster, synonymous with producing toast as it should be - crisp on the outside, soft in the centre. Plus choose from a range of AGA Bake-O-Glide liners that are non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can be used again and again.

Aga 1 Litre Cream Jug

This fantastic and handsome looking 1 litre jug is suitable for the AGA warming plate and its ergonomically designed handle provides great grip when pouring. Aga Cream Jug Details: Size: 1 Litre,  Height: 18cm Dishwasher safe Handcrafted in England  

Aga 12 Hole Bun Tray

The Aga 12 Hole Bun Tray is an Aga essential and this range of brilliant heavy duty designs is useful for both heat-storage and conventional cookers. Cooking times are shortened whilst ensuring even and dependable browning. An excellent range for perfect release and easy cleaning every time. Bun ...

Aga 24 Hole Mini Muffin Tray

The Aga 24 Hole Mini Muffin Tray is an Aga essential and this range of brilliant heavy duty designs is useful for both heat-storage and conventional cookers. Cooking times are shortened whilst ensuring even and dependable browning on all muffins and bakes. An excellent range for the perfect relea...

Aga 3 Piece Stainless Steel Casserole Set

The Aga 3 Piece Stainless Steel Casserole set  is both beautiful and practical. The specially designed base of the casserole dishes prevents distortion when heated to provide better contact with the heating surface. The Aga branded heavy lids prevent steam from escaping when on the hob. With 3 si...

AGA 4 Way Cooking Timer

This quality Aga 4 way cooking timer allows you to program up to four timings simultaneously. This amazing kitchen timer also features a clock and a memory and stop watch with an alarm.This tool will help you time your cooking and your meals to perfection and can be kept anywhere in the kitchen u...

AGA All Black Chef's Pad

The Two Tone cream and black reversible Chefs Pad is incredibly useful and intended to save wear and tear to the lids of your Aga. These pads are round and the same size as the lids of the Aga range cooker. One side is cream and the other is black. This pad will put up with the heat of the lids a...

Aga Bake-O-Glide Baking Set

This is an improved version of the Aga Cake Baker Set. The set includes three pre-cut circles to fit 6, 7 and 8 inch deep round cake tins which are suitable for the Aga Cake Baker which is also available either from our online store or from our East Sussex based showroom. Bake-O-Glide Features: N...

Aga Bake-O-Glide Cooks Set

The Aga Bake-O-Glide Cooks Set comes with 4 pieces of pre-cut bake-o-glide material. The pieces are cut to fit the Aga Roasting tins (full and half size), plain shelf and the simmering plate. Bake-o-glide is an innovative material which makes using any cooker a far simpler task, by eliminating mo...

Aga Chrome And Steel Cleaner

Aga and Rayburn range cooker Chrome and steel cleaner is perfect for cleaning chrome and steel dome lids and any other chrome and steel parts of your range cooker. Chrome and Steel Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning stainless steel cookware. The unique formula will clean a Range Cooker whilst ...

Aga Chrome Grid Shelf

The Aga Chrome Grid Shelf is designed to fit on the runners of the Aga range cooker oven. This chrome cooker shelf can be pulled out of the oven without the risk of tipping due to it's safety stop design. Aga Chrome Grid Shelf Details: Size:(L) 46.6cm x (W) 34.4cm Non-tilt Heavy gauge met...

Aga Chrome Grill Rack Various Sizes

The Aga Chrome Grill Racks are designed to fit the Aga roasting tins and are a must for any cook using the Aga Roasting Tins (also available from our online store). Use the racks in the higher position for grilling and the low position for roasting meat and poultry. Aga Chrome Grill Racks Det...

AGA Coalbrookdale Pot

The shape of this Cast Iron Pot is exclusive to AGA and home made in Shropshire by dedicated craftsmen.Cast iron retains heat which radiates onto the food to lock in flavours and succulence during cooking making it ideal for slow cooking casseroles or soups.A fully enamelled finish on the exterio...


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