Baking Dishes


Aga Cast Iron Baking Dish Claret Various Sizes

This collection of solid cast iron cookware features a beautiful enamelled finish both inside and out. The cast iron baking dish is perfect for oven to table service. The Aga branded handles make it easier for gripping and lifint in and out of the oven. A very high quality collection of baking di...

Aga White Roasting Dish

This versatile white Aga roasting dish can be used in the freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Designed to fit on the Aga oven runners but suitable fr any conventional oven. Aga White Roasting Dish Details: Material: Ceramic  

Victor Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pan Various Sizes

Victor Cookware is well known for their cast iron cookware, a material that is so durable and wonderful to cook with as it maintains and distributes heat evenly in a very effective manner. Now, Victor offers you a new style of cast iron cookware, one which is approximately half the weight of trad...

Victor Mini Firestone Cast Iron Casserole Dish

The 'Firestone' casserole dishes have an advantage over normal ceramic products as they have been made to withstand direct heat as well as being happy to go in the oven. These amazing dishes can be put on the stove top without a diffuser, which is ideal when you want to brown meat prior to cookin...


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