Cast Iron Cookware / Omelette

Cast iron retains and distributes heat perfectly, and who would understand this better than AGA. Home made in Shropshire by dedicated craftsmen at the AGA owned Coalbrookdale foundry, which makes the castings for the AGA and Rayburn cookers. AGA cast iron cookware retains heat which radiates onto the food to lock in flavours and succulence during cooking. Designed to perform on all cookers and hob types, this fully enamelled range is dishwasher safe and has high resistance to acid levels, ensuring it will look fantastic for years to come.

Aga Cast Iron 21cm Omelette Pan Various Colours

The Aga Cast Iron Omelette pan produces perfect omelettes every time. This is due to the quality of Aga Cast Iron cookware which retains heat and radiates through the food locking in flavours and succulence. All off AGA cast iron cookware is handcrafted by dedicated Aga craftsmen. A highly durabl...


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