Fire Lighting


100 Firelighters in a Tub

These firelighters are perfect for getting your fire started with minimal fuss. Simply place 2 sachets under your kindling and light with a match. Light a minimum of 50 fires per tub. Fire lighting sachet details: Burning time - 10-12 minutes Completely odourless, No nasty smells or vapours  Made...

Calfire Sling Log Carrier

Move your logs with ease using the Calfire Log Sling Carrier. It's size is perfect for ensuring that logs will not slip out when being transported. Unlike many other sling carriers, the Calfire Sling Log Carrier has high ends to stop logs falling out and an easy to grip handle to ensure safety a...

Extra Long Safety Matches

The Extra Long Safety Matches are perfect for lighting your fire from a safe distance. Approximately 90 matches per box- Ideal accessory for any fire place Extra Long Safety matches Details: Matches are 280mm in length We also sell attractive match holders in black, brass and polished steel
£36.99 - £42.99

FiAir Electronic Bellows

If you want your fires to grow big and strong, you have to feed them right. FIAIR is a great little device to fan the flames of your fire. It is a battery (3 AAA) operated air blower designed to speed up the process of making a fire. Just get the fire started and bring the FIAIR to bear. Press th...

Flamers Stove And Barbecue Natural Firelighters

Certainly Wood's Flamers Natural Firelighters are untreated wax dipped fine wood shavings made from renewable, natural wood waste. These flamers are easy to light and have a strong, long burn. They are great for using on wood burning stoves, fireplaces, charcoal grills and any other kind of wood ...
£13.50 - £13.99

Kindlecone Aurora Colour Changing Fire Cones

Flame colour changing pine cones! Create nature’s natural fireworks of the aurora borealis in your own living room! These cones will add colours for in excess of 45 minutes and when the flames die down, just riddle your grate and the coloured flames will magic back into life. Dazzle your friends ...

Long Match Holder Various Colours

These long match holders from Calfire are perfect for holding long matches (which are also sold separately from us) and sitting near your fireplace. A Very attractive fireside or stove accessory. All Calfire Fireside Accessories and companion sets are available from Woodstock Fires online and our...

Manor Match Metal Holder / Box 1962 Grey Gray Matches Box

Manor Match Metal Holder   This is a great matches holder and quite robust and very stylish.   Its a very good size to with the dimensions of... Width 8cm x Depth 4cm x Height 13cm... The perfect size for long safety cooks matches. 

Sorcerer Flue And Chimney Cleaner Sachet

These great little sachets from Sorcerer are suitable for use on all fires, boilers or stoves that burn Wood and multi-Fuel. The sachets break down tar and creosote build up which inevitably makes sweeping more effective and safer to use. Sorcerer Flue And Chimney Sachet Details: 90g gm pack Easy...


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