Fireside Accessories

Whether you are looking for bellows, log carriers or decorative fireside items, we have a great selection to browse through here.

Calfire Sling Log Carrier

Move your logs with ease using the Calfire Log Sling Carrier. It's size is perfect for ensuring that logs will not slip out when being transported. Unlike many other sling carriers, the Calfire Sling Log Carrier has high ends to stop logs falling out and an easy to grip handle to ensure safety a...

Clearview Leather Stove Gloves

The Clearview leather stove gloves are made by Clearview Stoves and will protect your hands from getting burnt on your stove.These gloves are an ideal accessory for any Clearview stove owner, they will enable you to open and load your stove with complete confidence and great ease. The Clearview l...
£36.99 - £42.99

FiAir Electronic Bellows

If you want your fires to grow big and strong, you have to feed them right. FIAIR is a great little device to fan the flames of your fire. It is a battery (3 AAA) operated air blower designed to speed up the process of making a fire. Just get the fire started and bring the FIAIR to bear. Press th...

Fleur-de-lys Hardwood Bellows

These beautiful bellows from Calfire feature a solid brass motif that is mounted on to the Sheesham hardwood. Sheesham is a high quality, rich chestnut brown hardwood that looks and feels luxurious too. The motif and fittings are made from solid brass and the moving parts and joint are made from ...

Long Match Holder Various Colours

These long match holders from Calfire are perfect for holding long matches (which are also sold separately from us) and sitting near your fireplace. A Very attractive fireside or stove accessory. All Calfire Fireside Accessories and companion sets are available from Woodstock Fires online and our...

Manor Match Metal Holder / Box 1962 Grey Gray Matches Box

Manor Match Metal Holder   This is a great matches holder and quite robust and very stylish.   Its a very good size to with the dimensions of... Width 8cm x Depth 4cm x Height 13cm... The perfect size for long safety cooks matches. 


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