Frying & Saute Pans

Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials designed cookware leaders AGA & Kuhn Rikon for all you frying and sautéing needs.

AGA Berndes Cast Aluminium Black Coated Ceramic Frying Pans

Available in gloss black, the high quality acid resistant ceramic coating inside and outside of this frying pan allows food to slide off and ensures cleaning is easy. Superior cast aluminium body Heavy gauge 6mm base of the pan provides optimum heat absorption and distribution Tapered side wall...

AGA Cast Aluminium Frying Pans with removable handles

These AGA Cast Aluminium frying pans come complete with an ergonomic removable handle making the item versatile, to be used on the hob or in the oven. The 5mm thick base provides perfect heat distribution and energy efficiency, brilliant for cooking things such as the perfect omelette. AGA cast a...

Aga Cast Iron 25cm Frying Pans Various Colours

The amazing range of Aga Cast Iron Frying pans are made rto the highest quality and are very durable providing you with a lifetime of use. The cast iron frying pans retain heat which radiates onto the food to lock in flavours and succulence during cooking so you are guaranteed excellent and flavo...

Aga Stainless Steel Frying Pan 30cm

This stainless steel frying pan offers a non-stick finish for healthier cooking as less oil is required and is suitable for foods that must be turned, flipped or scrambled. It also features a heavy thermal base for maximum efficiency.  The pan itself is guaranteed for 25 years, the non-stick come...

Aga Stainless Steel Saute Casserole and Lid

The Aga Stainless Steel Saute Casserole Pan with Lid has an internal capacity markings, laser etched, in pints and litres to make measuring whilst cooking even easier. The clean lines of stainless steel looks great in the kitchen alond with the Aga branded stainless steel handles which are recess...

Kuhn RIkon Colori Cucina Frying Pan 24cm Various Colours

This 24cm Colori frying pan from Kuhn Rikon comes in a variety of bright modern colours to suit all. Each frying pan is easy to wash and keep clean due to its fantastic, smooth, non-stick interior coating. Kuhn Rikon Colori Frying Pan Details: Size: 24cm Abrasive detergents could impair the coati...

Kuhn Rikon Cucina Crepe Pan

Kuhn Rikon Cucina Crepe Pan   This is a great, lightweight (400 grams or 0.88 pounds) crepe pan perfect for your pancake needs.  Come with a 2 year Guarntee The size is 22cm.  Can be used on Ceramic, Gas or electric  It has a 3 coat non stick surface great for sliding your eggs straight of the pa...

Kuhn Rikon Cucina Frying Pan Black

The Kuhn Rikon Cucina Frying Pan is light, handy, easy to clean and non-stick. Kuhn Rikon Cucina is exactly the right thing for daily use. A frying pan which belongs to every household. Thanks to the porcelain enamel exterior they are very easy to clean. Kuhn Rikon Cucina Star Frying Pan Details:...

Kuhn Rikon Easy Ceramic Induction Frying Pan Various Sizes

This hugely successful Ceramic range has been bought back - new and improved! This all purpose pan is easy to clean with innovative highly durable ceramic coating for induction hobs, perfect for cooking eggs, meat, fish or vegetable dishes. Energy efficient and extremely easy to clean. Suitable f...

Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction Frying Pan Various Sizes

The high quality coating on the Kuhn Rikon Induction Frying pan gives this frying pan good nonstick properties. This great quality makes it so useful every day for almost every kind of dish. A solid assistant that will never let you down, even when things get hot in the kitchen. Kuhn Rikon Easy I...

Victor Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pan Various Sizes

Victor Cookware is well known for their cast iron cookware, a material that is so durable and wonderful to cook with as it maintains and distributes heat evenly in a very effective manner. Now, Victor offers you a new style of cast iron cookware, one which is approximately half the weight of trad...


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