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Rayburn Chrome Grill Rack

The Rayburn Chrome Grill Rack is designed to fit the Rayburn meat tin. Use the grill rack in the high position for grilling and in the low position for roasting meat and poultry. This fantastic rack can double up as a cake rack too! Rayburn Chrome Grill Rack Details: Chrome plated Not Dish...

Rayburn Cold Plain Shelf

The Rayburn Cold Plain Shelf is designed to fit directly onto the Rayburn oven runners. It can be used as a heat deflector to reduce heat in the oven or as a full size baking sheet. When not in use store out of the cooker. Rayburn Cold Plain Shelf Details: Size: (L) 36.2cm x (W) 35cm Mater...

Rayburn Oven Grid Shelf

A non-tilt grid shelf that has been designed to fit Rayburn ovens. Not suitable for 600 and 800 series ovens.


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