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FiAir Electronic Bellows

If you want your fires to grow big and strong, you have to feed them right. FIAIR is a great little device to fan the flames of your fire. It is a battery (3 AAA) operated air blower designed to speed up the process of making a fire. Just get the fire started and bring the FIAIR to bear. Press th...

Manor Rounded Bellows

These fantastic black bellows from Manor are made with the highest quality. The carved pattern gives an elegant touch to this item. The fittings and joints are made from solid brass and leather. A great fireside accessory or a perfect gift. Manor Rounded Bellows Details: Size: (L) 17.5 Inches

Plain Hardwood Bellows

These plain bellows by Calfire are made from Sheesham heavy wood which gives this item a rich chestnut brown colour. The fittings and moving parts are made from high quality leather and solid brass. A durable and fantastic looking item. Plain Hardwood bellows Details: Size: (L) 14 inches


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