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Caframo BelAIr Ecofan 806

The Caframo BelAir Ecofan is a LOW TEMPERATURE stove Ecofan. The Belair is designed to circulate warm air created by many low temperature gas, pellet or contemporary stoves operating with a normal surface temperature of between 75C and 200C. The BelAir MUST NOT be used on a wood stove or wher...

Caframo Ecofan Original 800 Stove Top Fan

Caframo have bought the Original Ecofan back at a very affordable price! Ecofan are the worlds number one brand of stove top fan. These heat powered fans will increase you stove heat distribution and save your stove fuel. Increased Efficiency - Warm air is pushed out into the living area ra...

Extra Long Stovax Leather Stove Gloves

The extra long Stovax leather stove gloves are an ideal accessory for any stove owner. Stovax extra long gloves willprotect your hands and arms from getting burnt on your stove. These gloves will enable you to load your stove with complete confidence and great ease. Extra Long Stovax Leather Stov...


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