Stove Maintenance / stove cleaning

Keeping your stove well maintained keeps everything safe and in good working order. We have everything from spare stove glass and heat resistant paint to glass cleaning products and replacement door and glass rope.

Aarrow Multi Purpose Stove Cleaning Wipes

Aarrow stove wipes come in a pack of 3 and are designed to get rid of all the dust that will naturally accumulate on a stove. Lint free and therefore they will not leave any particles or fibres behind. These wipes are made by Aarrow Fires, a specialist stove company. The Aarrow Wipes will not dry...

Hotspot Black Grate Polish Tin

Hotspot Black grate Polish is a water based polish that covers minor scratches and rust. This polish leaves a lustrous black finish that does not rub off when dry. How it works: Microscopic colour pigments in the polish bond with the stove surface to hide minor blemishes and improve appearan...


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