Trust AGA to take care of every detail, with a characteristic eye for quality, these 100% cotton accessories come in the classic AGA colours and include AGA gauntlets and gloves with an internal barrier against steam and grease.

AGA Oven Cloth

The AGA oven cloth adapts to any size dish and has been created by professionals for professionals. The hard wearing Herringbone weave is suitable to wash up to 40C. Attached to the Aga Oven Cloth is a handy loop for hanging. Aga oven Cloth Details: Size: (L) 75.5cm x (W) 50.5cm Material: Undyed ...

Aga Pan Handle Cover

Never burn your hands again when you take your saucepan out of the oven! Just reach in with your new Aga Pan Handle Cover, no need for a large oven glove. Use this incredibly handy, neat cover which fits over any saucepan handle, it has excellent insulation and is very good quality. The cover als...

AGA Stripe Chef's Pad

Complementing the iconic colours perfectly - iconic stripe is a great opportunity to mix and match the ranges. The striking stripes feature the vibrant AGA enamel shades amongst the colours and is printed using a reactive dye which will ensure no fading on washing resulting in a beautiful, styli...

Aga Tea Towels Various Colours

This genuine and very popular Aga tea towel is of the highest quality and will make a great addition to any kitchen especially when hanging on the rail of your Cooker. Aga Tea Towel Details: Colours available: Black, Green, Blue Strong 52% cotton 48% linen weave Superior glass cloth material High...

AGA Top Dog Chef's Pad

Many AGA owners will know their pets find premium position in front of the AGA where they find warmth and the hope of a stray morsel of scrumptious offerings from the cooker. The creation of our new Top Dog textiles has been inspired by our customers and their lovely dogs resulting in a beautifu...

AGA Top Dog Gauntlet

The Aga Iconic Gauntlet features a retro, multi-coloured, geometric pattern of the AGA cooker, celebrating the company's rich heritage. the design is printed onto superior canvas cloth which has been selected for it's high quality and attractive weave, enhancing the lines of the design. Aga Iconi...

Aga Traditional Double Oven Glove Black

The traditional cream and black Aga double oven glove is the most popular Aga branded oven glove available. The glove is extra long which protects more of your wrist and arm when inserted into the hands. The Flexible Terry Cotton gives amazing insulation to prevent from any burns. Aga Traditi...

AGA Traditional Oven Gauntlets

These very popular traditional Aga gauntlets are extra long as to reach right into the Aga ovens! The Aga gauntlet oven gloves are extremely comfortable with a shaped palm hold for easier and stronger grip. Also featuring an integral steam and grease barrier. Aga Gauntlet Details: Size: (L) 43cm ...

AGA Two Tone Cream And Black Chef's Pad

The Two Tone cream and black reversible Chefs Pad is incredibly useful and intended to save wear and tear to the lids of your Aga. These pads are round and the same size as the lids of the Aga range cooker. One side is cream and the other is black. This pad will put up with the heat of the lids a...

Extra Long Stovax Leather Stove Gloves

The extra long Stovax leather stove gloves are an ideal accessory for any stove owner. Stovax extra long gloves willprotect your hands and arms from getting burnt on your stove. These gloves will enable you to load your stove with complete confidence and great ease. Extra Long Stovax Leather Stov...

Kuhn Rikon Non-Slip Oven Glove Various Colours

Safety and aesthetics go hand in hand here. Kitchen textiles from Kuhn Rikon not only look stylish but are also very functional in the kitchen. Thanks to the integrated silicone these oven gloves ensure that you always have a safe grip even when things are very hot. The silicone grip is heat resi...
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Dizzie the Labrador 'of our Christmas collection fame' has been joined by friends in these fabulous new AGA chefs' pads. The vibrant detail of our lovely animals are printed on fine quality 100% close weave panama cotton and feature an interior layer of mixed fibre interlining and 100% terry cott...


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