Califre Magnetic Wood Stove Thermometer

The Calfire Magnetic Stove thermometer is intended for use as an appropriate visual guide to assist in the efficient operation of our stove. The thermometer acts to indicate that your stove is operating within an efficient temperature band and not A) Burning too cool and hence causing incomplete ...

Clearview Magnetic Stove Thermometer

We highly recommend the use of a stove surface thermometer, it will help you monitor your stove's surface temperature and therefore its performance. Most Stoves will burn at their maximum efficiency between 204C (400F) and 349C (500F), this will give the airwash system in the stove (if it should ...

Kuhn Rikon Meat Thermometer

This new rust-free, stainless steel Kuhn Rikon meat thermometer with a heat resistant glass front is the perfect gadget for making sure your meat is cooked to absolute perfection. Easy to use and easy to read. Meat thermometer details: Length: 230mm Wash by hand in warm soapy water Dry completel...

Kuhn Rikon Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer

This is a high quality oven thermometer by Kuhn Rikon. Simply place in your oven to monitor the temperature of your cooker. Stainless steel design. Temperature reading in 'C'


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