Aarrow Multi Purpose Stove Cleaning Wipes

Aarrow stove wipes come in a pack of 3 and are designed to get rid of all the dust that will naturally accumulate on a stove. Lint free and therefore they will not leave any particles or fibres behind. These wipes are made by Aarrow Fires, a specialist stove company. The Aarrow Wipes will not dry...

Aga Ceramic Hob Cleaner

This 5 star high performance cleaner is perfect for cleaning ceramic range cooker hobs. The advanced formula gently cleans and contains an anti-bacterial agent that kills germs. The Aga Ceramic Hob Cleaner will also protect the surface and keep it clean for longer. Aga Ceramic Hob Cleaner Details...

Aga Chrome And Steel Cleaner

Aga and Rayburn range cooker Chrome and steel cleaner is perfect for cleaning chrome and steel dome lids and any other chrome and steel parts of your range cooker. Chrome and Steel Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning stainless steel cookware. The unique formula will clean a Range Cooker whilst ...

Aga E-Cloth Hob and Oven Pack

A 5 star rated product. Just use water for a deep and smear free clean on ALL types of ovens and hobs by breaking up and holding light grease and dirt which cloths leave behind. A brilliant double pack that will make oven cleaning and cooker cleaning quick and easy. E-Cloth Hob and Oven Pack Deta...

Aga E-Cloth Set

This E-Cloth Cleaning System is the very best cooker cleaning product that money can buy. The E-CLoth pack consists of two cloths; A general purpose cloth and a glass polishing cloth. Each cloth may be washed over and over again and should last for years. Just add water to use these fantastic cle...

Aga Enamel Cleaner

Aga range cooker enamel cleaner is acid free and environmentally friendly. It's Unique formula has been specially developed to clean an Aga, Rayburn or any range cooker's enamel surface whilst hot. Ideal for daily use, a combination of detergent and polishing compound removes discolouration and t...

Aga Enamel Rubber

The Enamel rubber made by Aga removes scuff marks on enamel and ceramic range cooker surfaces without scratching, it has even been reported to remove marks on a number of materials including fabric! This lightweight enamel rubber provides effortless cleaning and it is ideal for daily use.

Aga Top Plate Scraper

The Top Plate Scraper is an addition to the Aga cleaning range and designed to clean ceramic and enamel surfaces.  The stainless steel body is easy to clean and the built in blade protector ensures the blade can be safely withdrawn when the scraper is not in use.  Top Plate Scraper Details: Th...

AGA/Rayburn Enamel Repair Kit

AGA/Rayburn Enamel Repair Kit    Use this fantastic kit to restore chipped of enamel professionally. Contains full set of instructions. Three easy to follow steps for a long lasting and durable finish.     Contains full set of instructions. Three easy to follow steps for a long lasting and du...

Atmosfire Glass Cleaning Dry Wiper

With the Atmosfire Glass Cleaning Dry Wipe it is super easy to clean the soot from your Stove glass without water! This amazing stove glass cleaner needs no time to soak in and cleans without streaking, without further wiping and without scratching. The Atmosfire wipe was developed especially for...

Daily Hot Range Cooker Enamel Cleaner

Due to recent changes in the 'prohibited items' at the Royal Mail we can no longer send aerosols through standard post. They will now have to be sent via our 24 hour courier service at a cost of £7.99 per order. Items prices have been adjusted to accommodate the extra cost. The Daily Enamel Clea...

Enamel Touch-Up Stick Various Colours

The touch up stick allows an easy, instantaneous and inexpensive repair on enameled cast iron and steel, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic and other similar material in the kitchen and bathroom. The stick is also ideal for touch-up of minor flaws, scratches and defects on sanitary ware, kitchen sinks,...


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