Atmosfire Glass Cleaning Dry Wiper

With the Atmosfire Glass Cleaning Dry Wipe it is super easy to clean the soot from your Stove glass without water! This amazing stove glass cleaner needs no time to soak in and cleans without streaking, without further wiping and without scratching. The Atmosfire wipe was developed especially for...

Calfire Brush On High Heat Stove Paint Various Colours

Calfire Stove Paint is a very high quality brush on paint suitable for all stoves with a painted finish and can also be used to paint the fluepipe. This paint can withstand a temperature of 650C (1200F). For best results this paint should be used on a dust-free, dry surface. Use a stove brush to ...

Calfire High Temperature Stove Paint Various Colours

Due to recent changes in the 'prohibited items' list at the Royal Mail we can no longer send aerosols through standard post. They will now have to be sent via our 24 hour courier service at a cost of £7.99 per order. Items prices have been adjusted to accomodate the extra cost.   Calfire stove ...

Calfire Sling Log Carrier

Move your logs with ease using the Calfire Log Sling Carrier. It's size is perfect for ensuring that logs will not slip out when being transported. Unlike many other sling carriers, the Calfire Sling Log Carrier has high ends to stop logs falling out and an easy to grip handle to ensure safety a...

Calfire Stove Rope Glue Sealant 30ml

This high temperature glue is ideal for adhering stove rope onto the door and window seals of your stove, cooker, boiler or oven. The Calfire Superseal is very long lasting, effective and of the best quality. This small pot is enough for any stove door a few times over. Calfire Stove Rope Glu...

Carved Hardwood Bellows

These high quality bellows from Calfire are made from Sheesham Wood which is a heavy, durable hardwood with a rich chesnutt colour. moving and decorative parts are made from leather and solid brass giving this product a luxurious look and feel. Length: 18.5 Inches

Extra Long Safety Matches

The Extra Long Safety Matches are perfect for lighting your fire from a safe distance. Approximately 90 matches per box- Ideal accessory for any fire place Extra Long Safety matches Details: Matches are 280mm in length We also sell attractive match holders in black, brass and polished steel

Fleur-de-lys Hardwood Bellows

These beautiful bellows from Calfire feature a solid brass motif that is mounted on to the Sheesham hardwood. Sheesham is a high quality, rich chestnut brown hardwood that looks and feels luxurious too. The motif and fittings are made from solid brass and the moving parts and joint are made from ...

Long Match Holder Various Colours

These long match holders from Calfire are perfect for holding long matches (which are also sold separately from us) and sitting near your fireplace. A Very attractive fireside or stove accessory. All Calfire Fireside Accessories and companion sets are available from Woodstock Fires online and our...

Ph Standard Smoke Pellets For Chimneys

A good way of checking your flue or chimney is clear of tar is to use smoke pellets. These smoke pellets are easy to use and burn for 30 seconds, giving you enough time to see if your chimney is blocked. A tube contains 6 pellets which have approx 40 second burn time / 18 cubic metres - Produced ...

Plain Hardwood Bellows

These plain bellows by Calfire are made from Sheesham heavy wood which gives this item a rich chestnut brown colour. The fittings and moving parts are made from high quality leather and solid brass. A durable and fantastic looking item. Plain Hardwood bellows Details: Size: (L) 14 inches

Spray Paint Can Handle Gun

This great Spray Can Gun turns spray cans in to spray guns for simple, quick and efficient spraying. this item eliminates painful finger fatigue when using an ordinary aerosol can. This clever device provides accurate and comfortable control when spraying your stove or any other item. This can gu...


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