Aga Cake Baker

The Cake Baker is designed for the two oven Aga cookers, the set allows moderate heat baking within the top oven for deep cakes that require over 45 minutes cooking time.Set features. The Aga Cake Baker can be used as a heavy duty 5ltr saucepan with a stackable lid. The Baker set comes with 15cm, 18cm and 20cm anodised cake tins and internal trivet. Will take a 1lb loaf tin (also available from our online store)

Aga Bakeware is an Aga essential and this range of brilliant heavy duty designs is useful for both heat-storage and conventional cookers. Cooking times are shortened whilst ensuring even and dependable browning. An excellent range for perfect release and easy cleaning every time.

Size: 23.7cm x 34.5 cm

Material: Aluminium

Suitable Hob Types: AGA, Electric, Gas, Ceramic



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