Aga Stainless Steel Preserving Pan / Stockpot

The Aga 11 Litre Preserving Pan is a  large capacity pan which fits into the AGA ovens as well as the Aga hotplates. The preserving Pan is perfect for making jam, chutney or mulled wine. This high qaulity piece of cookware can also be used for large quantities of stock, chilli con carne or casseroles.

Aga branded stainless steel handles are recessed flush within the distinctive flat lids that allows for stacking the saucepans and casseroles, optimising the use of all the space in the oven. The Aga Preserving Pan can be used on hotplates or burners and stacked in the oven,

Aga Stainless Steel Cookware is both beautiful and practical. The specially designed base prevents distortion when heated to provide better contact with the heating surface and the heavy lids prevents steam from escaping. All of the stainless steel cookware range are easy to clean and dishwasher proof. Even if you don't own an Aga you can still experience the culinary excellence of Aga Cookware.

Aga Stainless Steel Preserving Pan Details:

Size: 11 Litres / 28cm

Suitable for any type of cooking appliance, including gas, electric, induction and halogen burners.-

Made of superior 18/10 gauge stainless steel

Comes with a 25 year guarantee



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