Clearview Magnetic Stove Thermometer

We highly recommend the use of a stove surface thermometer, it will help you monitor your stove's surface temperature and therefore its performance. Most Stoves will burn at their maximum efficiency between 204C (400F) and 349C (500F), this will give the airwash system in the stove (if it should have one) the best chance of working and also provide maximum heat from your fuel. This Clearview stove thermometer will provide you with the best chance of getting the stove burning correctly and due to it's durable construction it will last a long time. This thermometer is ideally situated above the doors on your stove or on top of the stove itself for a more accurate temperature reading. You can also use the thermometer to use your stove for cooking in the event of a power cut! The Clearview Stove Thermometer is a genuine Clearview Stoves product but can be used on any stove. All Clearview accessories are available online or from our showroom in Heathfield, East Sussex.

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