Clearview Vision 500 Stove Bricks

Clearview Vision 500 Stove Firebricks are made of a Vermiculite compound.

Available as:

Full Set (1 X Back Brick, 2 X Side Bricks)

Back Brick (1 x Back Brick only)

Side Bricks (2 x Side Bricks)

Side Brick (1 x Side Brick)


These bricks are designed to insulate the side of the stoves to help keep the heat within the firebox and to protect the body of the stove.

These replacement stove bricks are suitable for the Clearview Vision 500 stove only.

For other genuine Clearview Stoves accessories or spares please take a look at our dedicated Clearview section online or visit our showroom based in Heathfield, East Sussex.


please note: some items may take an extra few days due to Clearview deliveries. we will always notify you of this.



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