FireAngel 10 Year Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Used by 98% of UK Fire Brigades, home safety products specialist, Sprue Safety Products has launched a new 10-year carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that offers a cost-effective solution for installers, landlords and housing providers looking to provide better protection against carbon monoxide for homeowners and tenants.

With an extended 10-year life warranty and advanced diagnostics, the FireAngel CO-9X-10T-FF CO alarm offers peace of mind with back-up from Sprue for the lifetime of the product.

For landlords who have a duty of care to protect tenants against the risk of carbon monoxide in their properties, the CO-9X-10T-FF features comprehensive diagnostic software to analyse historical CO events. The alarm’s micro-processor constantly collects and reviews data to determine CO levels, battery condition and status of the alarm.

In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, data from the alarm can be downloaded onto a PC from which Sprue can produce a report, showing when the alarm activated and the level of carbon monoxide that triggered it. This provides vital information for landlords, enabling them to see the amount of CO their tenants may have been exposed to and when. This detail can determine if the CO is leaking from within the property and any patterns in the alarm activating can help diagnose possible causes of the gas’ presence so appropriate action can be taken to keep occupants safe.

A sealed-for life power pack and an end-of-life warning alerts owners when the alarm needs replacing. With no need to replace the battery, this offers value for money and ultimate peace of mind for contractors, housing providers and end users.

For installers, the accompanying tamper-proof Fast-Fit single pin bracket makes installation of the CO-9X-10T-FF extremely quick and simple.

Straightforward to use with a large test and reset button, the alarm features triple LED lights showing power, fault and alarm so occupants have a visual indication of when a CO leak has occurred in addition to the alarm sounding.


Where a new or replacement solid fuel appliance is installed in a dwelling, a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm MUST be present in the room where the appliance is located. The CO alarm must comply with EN 50291-1: 2010 and EN 50291-2: 2010 and be powered by a sealed lithium power pack that will last for the life of the product i.e. 10 years for this product.


Exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) can lead to unconsciousness, brain damage and ultimately death. It cannot be detected by the human senses as you can’t see it, smell it, taste it, or feel it. Most at risk are children, unborn babies, pregnant mothers and the elderly.


  • Internal power pack will power alarm for 10 years in normal operating conditions
  • Easy to install
  • 85dB alarm at 1 metre (3 feet)
  • CO test facility
  • Automatic self-diagnostic check
  • End of life indication


Green Product initiative

The planet has been considered at every juncture of this alarms development


Common Potential Sources of CO

Gas appliances – Gas or wood burning fireplace – Gas or Oil boiler – Clogged chimney flue – Portable gas or kerosene heaters – wood burning stove.


  • This product complies with PART J BUILDING REGULATIONS
  • Used by 98% of UK Fire Brigades
  • For domestic premises
  • Pack contains: 1 x CO-9X-10 Carbon Monoxide alarm

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