Flue Seal High Temperatre Black 1000'C Adhesive

Fortafix FlueSeal is a non-toxix, cartridge applied water based fire resistant and high temperature adhesive, which will continuously operate at temperatures of 1000C. Typical uses Jointing and adhesive applications on fires, flues and concrete chimney sections. Also for bonding inorganic wall boards, ceramics, glass, metals, concrete, stones, thermal insulation and many other surfaces. Suitable for fire protection applications. Prinicipal Characteristics Supplied 'ready to use' Suitable for Thin films, Coating, Bonding and gap filling with good wetting and penetration characteristics. Offers strong adhesive properties and smooth finish.

Will comply with BS 476: Part 4: Non combustibility test for materials. Flueseal can be used safely as an adhesive sealant where resistance to the spread of flame is required. Sets to a hard ceramic mass, which should not deteriorae under thermal shock or age under normal condiitons. Water resisitance is improved by the application of heat. Does not containt hydrocarbon resins or solvents, Storage Product should be stored in original packaging between 5 - 30C. Protect from frost. It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability of use. It is recommended that a sample test be undertaken before use. Do not use to seal aquariums. DO NOT use in swimming pool joints. Do NOT use in food contact applications.

Always read manufacturers instructions before using this product.



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