IMF Induction Interface plate

If you have bought an induction hob you can now use your favourite pots and pans, even if it doesn't have a magnetic base, with th amazing IMF Induction plate. the magnetic disc will convert all cookware for use on an induction hob. The long handle of the plate makes it easy to lift on and off of the cooker top.

The induction interface does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a flat disk which sits on the surface of your induction cooker top that then becomes heated. It will then in turn become a hot cooking surface onto which you can place any item of non-ferrous (non-induction) cookware to use as standard. This allows you to still retain those special, niche items of cookware such as the copper butter warmer or Bialetti which would otherwise be rendered useless on your induction cooker top.

IMF Induction Plate Details:

Sizes available: 23.5cm diameter / 28cm diameter

Material: magnetic steel

Hanging loop in handle for easy storage

Easy to clean




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