Kuhn Rikon Baguette Bread Knife

A must-have for bread lovers, the Kuhn Rikon Baguette Knife is designed to make a clean and easy cut through baguettes and other breads. This stylish wheat colour knife has a shape reminiscent of a baguette. Featuring a long handle for maximum maneuverability, it's perfect for creating small bites or big sandwiches, without crumbling or tearing the bread. The 10 inch blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, with a convenient non-stick coating. The heavy-duty serrated edge is ideal for everything from preparing croutons to slicing Panini sandwiches, bruschetta, pizza or even tomatoes.

Kuhn Rikon Baguette Bread Knife Details:

Size: 10 Inch blade

Comes with a protective sheath

Dishwasher safe



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