Kuhn Rikon Easy Squeeze Garlic Press

Kuhn Rikon's Easy Squeeze Garlic Press is so easy to use and so well designed that it takes 60% less effort to operate. Ergonomically designed to help fit the contours of your palm for a comfortable grip, the mechanism helps provide leverage to lower the force needed to compress garlic. It is also very easy clean sieve. Effortless operation means you use less force to press your chosen ingredient, and also it takes less time to do so. The design of the mechanism means it increases your force so as to allow for effortless pressing. The EAsy Squeeze Garlic Press's swing out sieve means that you can access all the crevasses that will catch food waste, meaning for a hygienic clean, and an easier one too.

Kuhn Rikon Easy Squeeze Garlic Press Details:

Size: (L) 190mm x (W) 40mm

Colours available: Black, Blue, Red and green

Powerful lever does most of the work for you

Ergonomic easy-to-grip handle

Stainless sieve hinges out for easy cleaning

Built-in scraper easily removes garlic

Dishwasher safe



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