Kuhn Rikon Professional Noir knife Collection

The Noir Knife series made from fully forged German stainless steel is a brilliant choice for both professional and household chefs. The black non-stick coating not only makes for a classy look but allows the blade to cut through food without sticking to it.The knife's full tang construction and bolster guarantee an outstanding balance and safety. Noir knives are of the highest quality and offer you a full life time of cutting pleasure.


Paring Knife

The forged Paring Knife Noir can handle all your kitchen-prep tasks. It is perfect for slicing cheese for your sandwich, peeling an apple for a snack or chopping vegetables for your salad. Size: (L) 197mm

Serrated Utility Knife

The forged Serrated Utility Knife Noir is an excellent knife for slicing smooth-skinned fruit and vegetables, bread or meat. Comes with blade protector for secure storage. Size: (L) 262mm

Chef's Knife

The forged Chef's Knife Noir is an all-purpose star in the kitchen. Perfect for slicing meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese and more. Size: (L) 345mm

Santoku Knife

The forged Santoku Knife Noir is ideal for slicing, dicing, mincing and precision cutting. It's an Asian variation of the Chef's knife. Size: (L) 275mm

Carving Knife

With the forged Carving Knife Noir you can cut off wafer thin slices of poultry, roasts, hams and other large meats with precision and ease. Comes with blade protector for secure storage. Size: (L) 328mm

Bread Knife

The forged Bread Knife Noir slices through loaves of bread and dices up tomatoes with panache. Comes with blade protector for secure storage. Size: (L) 325mm

Noir Knife Block

A knife block is the best and safest storage for high quality kitchen knives. With our knife block you will always have your knives close at hand and, at the same time, the delicate, sharp blades will be optimally protected from damage. Size: (L) 175mm x (W) 95mm x (H) 220mm

Noir Knives Details:

Fully forged with German stainless steel

Non-stick coated - food does not stick to the blade

Full tang construction with bolster for outstanding balance and safety

Safety sheath included

Warning: Not for children - blade is sharp. Store with protective sheath. Improper use may result in injury



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