Rayburn Bake-O-Glide Cook Set

Bake-o-glide is an innovative material which makes using any cooker a far simpler task, by illiminaing most of the cleaning and avoiding having to soak pans in the sink for hours to remove baked on marks. Simply line your roasting tin with a pre-cut sheet and cook as normal, once finished put the sheet in the dishwasher. As there is no additional fats or oils required, the Rayburn Cook Set is a great solution for anyone who wants to produce healthy meals for friends or family.This set is designed for the Rayburn roasting tin and the Rayburn Cold Plain Shelf.

Rayburn Bake-o-Glide Cooks Set Details:

Can be reused


Easy to clean

Dishwasher proof

Microwave safe

Freezer proof



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