Stovax Protector Flue And Chimney Cleaner Sachets

Stovax Protector reduces the build up of creosote in chimneys caused by burning wet or unseasoned wood. Stovax Protector dries out the wet and sticky tar, so that it will loosen and fall down to the bottom of the flue pipe, it can then be easily cleaned out of the stove. This reduces the risk of chimney fires. Use Stovax Protector on your open fire or in a stove as part of any stove care or cleaning routine. Using the Stovax Chimney Protector sachets greatly reduces the risk of chimney fires in the home. Please read the manufacturers instructions before use. Stovax Chimney protector including all Stovax products are available online or in our Sussex based shop.

Stovax Protector Sachets Details:

1 box contains 15 sachets



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