The Secrets Of Aga Puddings by Lucy Young

Following on from Secrets of Aga Cakes, Lucy Young now takes on puddings. She shows us how to make all the lovely desserts we want to indulge in but may find tricky to get quite right in the Aga. With 100 recipes for pies, steamed puddings, tarts, crumbles and mini sweet treats, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. There are ideas for all occasions, from simply fast puddings for the busy person to classic comfort food for a rainy day. Includes: Express Puds - fast desserts for the time-strapped who still fancy a treat, Wicked Chocolate - luxurious chocolate puddings like Rich Chocolate and Rum Terrine perfect for chocaholics, Tarts and pies - delicious classic recipes like Apricot and Clementine Fruit Tart, Rainy Day Puds - perfect pick-me-up comfort food like Luxury Lemon Bread and Butter Pudding, Little pots and glasses - indulgent desserts in small sizes, ideal for dinner parties or when you fancy a small treat, Naughties to go with puds and coffee - beautifully formed sweet treats for the perfect conclusion to any meal.

The Secrets of Aga Puddings Details:

160 pages

100 recipes

This is a hardback book.



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