Topstak Superflex Nylon Sweeping Rods And Brushes

Flexible Liner Rods And Brushes
A high quality range of very flexible and robust rods with a choice of stiff bristle brushes designed for sweeping flexible multifuel flue liners.

Topstak Flexible Sweeping Rods

Superflex nylon with brass screw fitting

Topstak flexible rods are designed for sweeping chimneys lined with flexible chimney liner. The flexible stove cleaning rods can bend back on themselves allowing throughfare through any chimney and must always be rotated clockwise to avoid disconnection.

Various flexible rod sizes are available from the options menu:

1 Metre - 1000mm
1.5 Metres - 1500mm
2 Metres - 2000mm

Topstak Sweeping Brushes For Flexible Rods

Stiff bristle with protected end and brass screw fitting

Standard sweeping brushes for using with flexible rods.  Fitted with a rubber ball to prevent damage to the flexible liner when sweeping. These chimney sweeping brushes are suitable for the flexible Topstak chimney sweeping rods. Various sweeping brush sizes available from the options menu:

5 Inch / 125mm - for sweeping a 4 inch flexible liner

 6 inch / 150mm - for sweeping a 5 inch flexible liner

7 Inch / 180mm - for sweeping a 6 inch flexible liner

 8 Inch / 200mm - for sweeping a 7 inch flexible liner


please allow up to 4 working days for delivery on these products.

We also stock non flexible rods, various sweeping brushes and rod adaptors in our showroom, Heathfield, East Sussex.



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