Weekly Hot Range Cooker Enamel Cleaner

Due to recent changes in the 'prohibited items' list at the Royal Mail we can no longer send aerosols through standard post. They will now have to be sent via our 24 hour courier service at a cost of £7.99 per order. Items prices have been adjusted to accommodate the extra cost.

This very effective cleaner can be used on a hot cooker, no need to turn it off. It can remove stubborn stains such as grease and lightly baked on deposits when sprayed on and left to evaporate and then re-applied. This is a non-aerosol compressed air spray and is non toxic. It is easy to use and is a must for every Range Cooker owner who wants to keep their enamel looking good. For best results we recommend it is used in conjunction with the Daily Enamel Cleaner and then polished with an Aga E-Cloth or Aga E-cloth Mitt. As with any cleaning product please read the manufacturers instructions first. Gloves should be worn when using this cleaner. Please note that this is a cleaner and will not restore the look of your enamel, we cannot guarantee that it will remove every mark on your cooker.


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